Certification of Medical Emergency

Pursuant to the Maine Public Utilities Commission, 65-407, Chapter 815, §11, there is a medical emergency when a registered physician certifies that the customer or occupant is seriously ill or has a medical condition that will be seriously aggravated by a lack of electric service. While initial certification may be made by telephone, a physician must certify the emergency in writing within seven (7) days. During this medical emergency period, we will work with you to make a payment arrangement. 
The length of the certification can be up to thirty days.  A certification may be renewed a total of two times during the twelve-month period from the original certification.  The certification applies to the premise as a whole, regardless of how many individuals residing at the premise has a medical emergency.
Please Click Here to open and download the Certification of Medical Emergency form.  This form must be signed and dated by the patient’s physician, or the physician’s agent or designee.
Please forward the completed Certification of Medical Emergency form to:
or by mailing to:
Kennebunk Light & Power District
4 Factory Pasture Lane
Kennebunk, ME 04043