News From the General Manger

I’d like to express appreciation to KLPD crews for their dedication and perseverance during the restoration efforts over the last few days. We have a great team!

KLPD would like to thank the Massachusetts public power utilities that responded to its request for mutual aid.

Concord Municipal Light Plant

Groveland Municipal Light Department

Groton Electric Light Department

Ipswich Electric Light Department

Littleton Electric Light Department

Middleton Electric Light Department

Reading Municipal Light Department

Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department

Given the significant amount of damage that occurred during the ice storm, it would have taken KLPD weeks to restore power without the additional crews.

KLPD would also like to thank the Northeast Public Power Association (NEPPA) for facilitating the mutual aid program. Because of the coordination through NEPPA, the mutual aid crews arrived in Kennebunk in under 3 hours. Without this facilitation the request for mutual aid would have taken several hours of staff time to organize a response.

KLPD would also like to thank Asplundh and its crews for helping to clean up trees and limbs in the power lines. Again, without this support, the restoration process would have been significantly longer.

KLPD would also like to thank Kennebunk Fire and Rescue for its support throughout the restoration efforts. Not only did we work together to keep residents safe, but KFR offered resources that aided in the quick restoration time.

I would also like to thank KLPD’s office staff for answering the phones round the clock, collecting outage information, and communicating with customers to keep them informed of the restoration efforts.

Last but not least, I would like to thank KLPD’s customers for their patience and understanding during the restoration process.  I am grateful for the outpouring of support and kindness we’ve received from KLPD’s customers during the aftermath of Saturday’s ice storm.   It is such a wonderful community to be a part of.

There are still a handful of customers that are without power waiting on electricians to make repairs before KLPD is able to reconnect them to the grid. If you know any individuals in need of support during this time, please contact KLPD and we will try to assist or connect them with assistance if possible.