Utility Pole #1
Crew setting utility pole for new AMI system

Advanced Metering Installation Project

News and Updates

KLPD continues to integrate into the new Advanced Meter Infrastructure System.  The current metering data collection technology is nearing end-of-life and requires replacement.  Since KLPDs inception in 1893, 130 years ago, KLPD has expanded electric service to over 7400 homes and businesses within its 24 square mile service area.  
The New System:  KLPD is transitioning from Eaton Cooper Power Systems’ Yukon PC and RF mesh network advanced metering infrastructure system to the Eaton RF Mesh Smart Grid IPv6 metering infrastructure system.   The new system offers high bandwidth, minimal latency, superior flexibility and industry-leading end-to-end security architecture.  The RF Mesh Smart Grid delivers highly reliable two-way communications across a 900 MHz spread spectrum utilizing radios with 50 channels for frequency hopping.
The New Meters:  Itron: C1SX, C2SXD; Landis-Gyr: Focus AL, Axe-SD, S4x; Honeywell: Elster A3 Alpha.  Eaton’s advanced metering infrastructure meters come fully integrated, tested and sealed and are pre-configured at the factory to KLPD specifications.   The meters communicate via Eaton’s RF Mesh network to provide key values, metrics and information. 

What’s completed: 

  •    Discovery and design
  •   Technology review, project plan development, system implementation planning
  •   Receipt of hardware and initial meters
  •   Operational review of Infrastructure
  •   Gateway, relay and hardware installation
  •   Software installation
  •   Scheduled deliveries of meters


What’s next:

  • Delivery Phase III:
  • Meter Installation: the meter installation process has begun.  A grid approach will be taken for the installation process.  The entire project is expected to be completed by mid-year of 2025.   
  • Meter installations will be performed strictly by KLPD meter technicians and linemen. 
  • An interruption in service can be expected to last for approximately 5 minutes during the installation process.
    • KLPD meter technicians and linemen are mandated to wear KLPD insignia uniforms.
    • KLPD meter technicians and linemen will always use KLPD vehicles during the installation process.
    • KLPD meter technicians and linemen will always carry proof of identification.