The purpose of a Will Serve Letter is to provide to the Developer and/or Applicant an assurance that, as of the date of the Will Serve Letter, Kennebunk Light & Power District has made a conditional statement to provide electrical services for a proposed project inside the territory that Kennebunk Light & Power District serves.  

To request a Will Serve Letter for your project, please complete the Will Serve Request form below.  Please forward any additional documents, such as a site plan or location map, in PDF format, to    Your submitted information will be reviewed and processed and a response from Kennebunk Light & Power District can be expected within ten days.  The timeframe may be delayed if Kennebunk Light & Power District finds it necessary to contact the Developer and/or Applicant to discuss the project further.  

Pursuant to the current rules, regulations and policies of Kennebunk Light & Power that have been filed with and approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission, the scope, nature and location of the project may require that the owners of the project provide to Kennebunk Light & Power District a Contribution in Aid of Construction and/or other required fees.



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