HEAP Heating Assistance



HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) provides money to eligible homeowners and renters to help cover heating costs. Renters whose utilities are included in their rent are eligible for assistance with direct and indirect energy costs. In most cases, the funds are distributed directly to the fuel and utility vendors.

Am I Eligible for HEAP?
The amount of assistance you may get from HEAP is based on your household size and income, energy costs, and other factors.
You may be eligible for assistance if your total household income falls within the income eligibility guidelines or 60% of the state median income, whichever is less. Eligibility for households with incomes between 150% and 170% of the federal poverty guidelines is limited to those households with a member who is susceptible to hypothermia, such as elderly, a child who is 24 months or younger, or with a doctor’s diagnosis.
If your heat is included in your rent, you may still apply for HEAP.
Additional help may be available if you have less than a 3-day supply of heating fuel or are in danger of having utility services disconnected and you have no means to pay your energy company.